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and access your critical information & documents any time, anywhere!



your information and privacy with award-winning bank-level security.



up-to-date information safely with family and maintain complete control.

Organise your critical information & documents

  • Capture health, medication, allergy & immunisation records
  • Upload important documents, certificates & ID cards
  • Securely store passwords or pin codes
  • Record travel, legal, financial & estate documents
  • List your emergency contacts in case of an emergency
  • Set up multiple accounts for your family members.

Protect your personal information

  • Award-winning bank-level digital security
  • Private key encryption & secret code for complete ownership & control
  • Multi-factor authentication & biometrics
  • We never read, mine or sell your data & we have zero visibility of your data
  • ISO27001 & GDPR compliant
  • Personal data encryption at rest & transit, AES-256-GCM & RSA-4096

Share your information securely

  • Share securely with your loved ones in minutes
  • Share for any time period, from 1 hour to 1 week or indefinitely
  • Revoke shared access anytime
  • You retain full control of your data & connections.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app for free, or sign up online
  2. Setup the security and secret code
  3. Your Emergency Vault will be activated
  4. Start adding your critical information
  5. Share with loved ones

Download for Free – No Credit Card required

Bank-Level Security & Privacy-By-Design

We don’t read, mine or sell your data – in fact, we couldn’t if we tried.

My Life Capsule is built using privacy-by-design principles. Unlike other technology companies, you are our customer, not our product.

World leading personal data & privacy technology, ISO27001, GDPR, Open Banking & PSD2 compliant.

Personal Data encryption at rest & transit, AES-256-GCM & RSA-4096.

Learn more about how seriously we handle security here.