COVID 19: How My Life Capsule is helping thousands of families reconnect with isolated loved ones.

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The current situation across the world is one of uncertainty and tumult. There we were, going about our daily business, and suddenly everything’s been turned upside down. It feels as if someone has hit a giant “pause” button on the world’s activities.

We find ourselves unable to communicate in the ways we usually would: coffee dates are out the window; so are family dinners and home visits. Restrictions have been placed on families visiting their relatives, especially those in aged care facilities and hospitals. Instead, we’re turning to technology in a way we never have before. Technology has become, in many cases, our sole means of contact. And we’re having conversations that are often more meaningful than ever.

My Life Capsule gives us the opportunity to bring these two puzzle pieces together: extra time on our hands, and technology’s ability to help us connect. While this is a particularly uneasy time for the vulnerable and their families, it’s also a chance to communicate on a deeper level. As a place in which to gather memories, stories, photos, family recipes and letters, our capsule is designed for adults of any age — but it’s especially useful for our elders or those in palliative care. My Life Capsule makes it easy to record final wishes and, in the event of a death, offers a platform for loved ones to grieve in the absence of a funeral.

For the children and grandchildren of society’s elders, taking the time to create a My Life Capsule together is a meaningful task. A teenager, for example, might call their grandmother or grandfather and help them put together their digital capsule. Along the way, they’ll learn about their grandparent’s life journey: their fondest memories; the way things have changed since they were young; and what they’ve learnt along the way.

A daughter might learn her father’s favourite songs and jokes; a son might finally write down that spaghetti bolognaise recipe he’s been asking his mother about for years. And for elders having these tidbits and moments recorded, there’s a sense of legacy — a feeling of the various pieces of their life being brought together and made meaningful. At a time of social distancing and isolation, we can use technology to really get to know each other.

Of course, in an ideal world, these are the conversations we would have always been having anyway. Yet with many of us travelling at an incredible pace through modern life, we don’t often take the time to sit down and share the details of our lives, hopes and wishes with our loved ones. Sometimes it takes a crisis to force us to pause and focus on what’s important. We can’t change what’s unfolding, but we can accept the invitation to slow down and move certain priorities up on our to-do lists. There’s no time like the present.

For a limited time, new subscribers receive three months free of charge. The My Life Capsule platform is simple and easy to use. For those who’d like a little more help, the Connection Support Team assist individuals and families to connect to the platform and each other, via phone or video call. For more information, head to

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