Get organised in 2022: 5 tips to free up your busy schedule

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 5 tips to get organised in 2022

Get organsied in 2022 with these 5 tips to free up your busy schedule 

 1. Set goals – and acknowledge them daily! 

It’s always helpful having the end goal in mind! This may be anything from planning a day to take the kids to their favourite amusement park, working up to a special birthday lunch, committing to daily yoga or chipping away at a business goal. We recommend writing down your goals and putting them on display as a daily reminder of what’prioritizemportant. Always prioritise the goals that matter most to you.

5 tips to get organised in 2022

2. Learn how to prioritise more effectively 

Prioritising the tasks on your schedule every evening before bed, or first thing in the morning, is an excellent way to set yourself up for success. It will help you manage your time and ensure you meet your deadlines. Be kind to yourself, don’t put yourself last and don’t be discouraged if you don’t tick everything off your list every day – small steps can lead to big gains! 

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list,” Michelle Obama. 


3. The gentle art of saying ‘No’ 

While saying no may not come naturally to many of us, it is a skill that should be developed if you want to ensure you are maximizing your potential while working within your limits. Overcommitting to work, social or family tasks adds pressure and stress which can adversely affect your personal health and wellbeing over time.

Consider every invitation in alignment with your personal goals – if it doesn’t align – decline! 

4. Make delegation a habit 

Knowing how to delegate effectively is an essential skill that everyone in any leadership position should possess, and this applied to your family as well as your workplace. Not only will delegation lighten your workload, it will also free up your time so that you can spend it on something that aligns with your goals or that you enjoy. Sit down with your family, your friends, your colleagues or employees and ask them to commit to some new tasks this year to help you out. 

Help set up your partner, your adult siblings and parents on My Life Capsule so you can all share the health, finance, education and general administrative load this year. 

5. A decent break goes a long way!

Taking regular breaks is crucial for maintaining your health and wellbeing. Too much stress and exhaustion can lead to serious health issues such as occupational burnout, which is now recognised as a legitimate syndrome caused solely within the workplace. Once we add caring for partners, children and even ageing parents to this list we are key candidates for a burnout event. In addition to getting organised and sharing your mental load using My Life Capsule, consider trying the following apps that can help you take break daily:

5 tips to get organised in 2022

Make 2022 your most productive and enjoy better clarity of mind!

By applying these 5 tips to get organised in 2022, you can manage your schedule more efficiently, your productivity and clarity of mind will improve and by setting up a routine you will be one step closer to achieving your goals every day.

At My Life Capsule, our mission is to help you through life’s everyday bumps and significant life events. The first step to making your life easier is to get orgnaised, the second is to manage your tasks more efficiently and the third is to use your new found productivity to your advantage, so you have more time to do the things you love.

We’d love to hear how you manage your schedule and what you want to spend more time doing this year.  

Be life prepared in 2022 with your completely private My Life Capsule app. 

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