Is Apple iOS leading the privacy race?

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Indeed, it appears that Apple iOS is rising to the occasion to lead the global technology sector privacy race. In March 2021, Apple launched an anti-tracking feature that had privacy advocates cheering from the rooftops. Now, in this entertaining short video, Apple has successfully demonstrated why privacy matters and how a lack of personal privacy from our digital devices affects us every single day.

On 3 June, Google also announced their anti-tracking option for Android users, due in Google Play by “late 2021”.

These anti-tracking features will cause global chaos for businesses and marketing firms alike, who have historically depended on tracking mechanisms to provide their data metrics. But, as consumers, we are learning fast that we have the power to take back the reigns of our data.

The successful technology companies of the future will be those who respect and value their customers and their right to privacy.

This is an exciting time for My Life Capsule, who are already part of the solution, with an infrastructure built entirely with Privacy and Security by Design principles.

Watch this video from Apple to learn why privacy should matter to you.

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