My Life Capsule Features

Your Emergency Vault is just the beginning.

With a Premium Capsule, you can manage day-to-day admin on the go; anytime, anywhere!

No lock-in contracts. Cancel & download your data anytime. No reading, mining or selling your data – ever!

Emergency Vault

If it’s important; it belongs in your Emergency Vault.

  • Personal Profile & ID Record
  • Critical health information, medications, allergy & immunisation records
  • Important documents, certificates & ID cards
  • Essential passwords or pin codes – store up to 5
  • Legal, financial & estate documents
  • Share securely with 2 trusted friends or family

Premium Features Coming Soon

Personal Vault

Your personal vaults to manage all logistical and administrative parts of your life:

  • Health & Wellness – Medical history, appointments, prescriptions, allergies, test results, health insurance +
  • Digital Records & Password Keeper – Passwords, identification cards, & passports
  • Finance & Belongings – Finance, home, vehicle, business records & insurances +
  • Legal – Birth, marriage, divorce, separation certificates; wills, power of attorney, legal action, trusts, business +
  • Detailed templates & checklists

Share individual items with your private connections for an hour, a day, a week or a lifetime!

Junior Vaults

Unlimited Junior Vaults to store your children’s important information:

  • Health & Wellness – Medication, allergy & immunisation records
  • Education – Reports, school photos, certificates & achievements
  • Activities – Sport, music & artwork
  • ID & Passwords – Certificates, passports, digital account & device passwords

Share individual items securely with loved ones or carers via your Share Hub

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