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Medical treatment is stressful – the administration can be overwhelming. My Life Capsule is an Australian software that helps you safely organise your important documents, appointments & medical information for access anywhere, anytime. My Life Capsule is private & secure with award-winning digital security


FREE Access for MediStays Clients

Supporting you during this stressful time with 12 months free premium access, including Life Event Checklists and Health & Wellbeing vaults for adults and children. 
1. Select Start My Free Trial at the top of this page

2. Sign up with your email address, select your password & secret code

3. In the menu, select

    –  My Account
    –  Subscription
    –  I have a subscription code
    –  Enter MLC-MEDISTAYS 

4. Enjoy free access on any device or download the app

Reduce the stress of family emergencies with access to life-saving information

Emergency Vault

Take care of your families health & wellbeing with lifesaving medical information, immunisation records, ID cards & critical information in one secure, easy to access place – in your free Emergency Vault.

Secure connections are always free – Invite loved ones to sign up, accept and access shared files – securely.

Emergency Vault (2)

As featured 7 News, The Herald Sun ‘Smart App’ & She Loves Tech 

Organise, protect and share with those who matter most

Adult Capsule

If it’s precious, protect it with My Life Capsule. If it’s stressful, use our life event checklists & summaries to help you through.

Passwords, certificates, medical information, finance & belongings, legal documents, ID cards, certificates, insurances, wills & business information are always safe & readily available to you.

Enjoy unlimited free secure connections, unique time-based sharing so you can revoke access anytime and activate biometrics for secure, easy access to important & time-sensitive information 


Preserve & share your child’s precious information

Family Capsule

Safeguard & preserve your child’s precious information & memories. Upload and share milestone moments at any time with the people you trust.

Capture & securely share medical records, immunisations, allergies, school reports, certificates, artwork, memories & achievements.

Big family? No problem, Junior vaults are unlimited.



your critical information for access anytime, anywhere!


your precious files, photos, and videos with bank-level security


securely with those who matter

Start organising what’s important & precious

Our app is available on any device, is easy-to-use and keeps your information at your fingertips.

Unlike other file storage solutions, we use award-winning bank-level security systems to protect your data and do not use, share or access your capsule.