My Life Capsule… Why do I need this in my life?

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Have you ever had that wave of panic wash over you when you need to find a particular document, like your birth certificate, and you think… Where on Earth did I put it? If you are anything like me (before My Life Capsule, of course!), you probably put it in a ‘safe place’ which is so secure even you can’t remember where it is! This is where My Life Capsule comes into its own!

So, what is My Life Capsule? It is a state-of-the-art digital vault to keep all your personal and family documents safe, in one secure place, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime by you and only the people you give permission to access. Access to your data can be easily revoked at any time if personal circumstances change.

The mission is to help people across the globe to organise, protect and share their most important information in the safest digital environment, and it is Australian-owned!  

My Life Capsule was founded by Pam Moorhouse, who has ageing parents and young children and is determined to encourage family connection and organisation across generations. As a former emergency response specialist, Pam knows that being prepared for the unexpected allows us to create a plan for those we love right from the first moments of our lives.

This authentic desire and genuine compassion drive My Life Capsule’s day-to-day operations and the company’s ambitious development plans.

Keeping all those important documents, certificates, medical information, passwords, insurance, and even photos in one safe and secure place is the game changer you have been waiting for when it comes to life admin.

Not only is it super simple to set up, access and update you can also rest assured that with its award-winning security, My Life Capsule can never read, mine or sell your data. Security features, including your username, password, secret code, biometric security and multifactor authentication functions keep your data safe.

A secret code, sometimes called a passphrase, is a password only known by you. My life Capsule can’t see it, read it or access your data ever! Anything you share or has been shared with you is shown in your activity feed, and you can choose how long you share information; it may be an hour, a week, a month or indefinitely. Remember, access can be revoked at any time.

Check out the vaults or start with the FREE Emergency Vault and say goodbye to lost document anxiety and hello to a more accessible, secure, and better-connected life!

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My Life Capsule is privacy-by-design – your data always belongs to you. Secured with award-winning digital security, we can never read, mine or sell your data.


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