My Life Capsule was created by Pam Moorhouse when she recognised the need for an easy-to-use technology solution to empower every person to capture and manage life’s logistical and emotional events with the latest personal data and privacy technology.

Pam experienced four significant life events.

  • Children – Pam had children, and with that joy came birth certificates, immunisation records, school reports and more documentation and information than she knew what to do with. There was no logical organisation or storage solution.
  • Divorce – Pam got divorced, and with that heart-ache came a logistical nightmare, where legal, financial, health and services paperwork was endless and exhausting.
  • Illness – Her mum needed an ambulance, and Pam didn’t know the medication her mum had been taking or what her blood type was, and as a result, critical minutes were lost when the paramedics were attending to her Mum’s health.
  • Death – When her incredible Father-in-law died suddenly, her family didn’t know where his will or other critical documents were and had just 7 days to piece together the story of his life before his funeral. Our grief was made so much worse because we were unprepared.

These events led Pam to conclude that each generation has its own life stage needs that are not being met in modern society. She set out to develop a modern-day solution, a digital tool, to empower family connection and organisation across multiple generations.

Pam remembered her year 10 Psychology Class and the two psychologists, Holmes and Rahe, who, in 1967, developed a stress scale where they identified 43 significant life events that are likely to affect every human life, such as; marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, pregnancy, a new job or finishing school.

These events have four things in common – emotion, logistics, paperwork and a strong correlation to personal stress. In 53 years, the likelihood of every one of us experiencing at least the majority of these significant life events has not changed. Unfortunately, neither has the way we deal with or prepare for these events.

My Life Capsule has a global vision to help families worldwide protect, organise and share their important information for life, making every day easier and more enjoyable and helping us all prepare for life’s significant events.