Emergency Vaults: The ultimate protection for valued clients

Private Label Emergency Vaults are a fortress of privacy for your clients to maintain their most precious information.

Helping individuals & families in 42+ countries


Complete privacy & state-of-the-art digital security. Learn More


Categorised vaults with 24/7 mobile access to your life admin


Reduce overwhelm & manage risk with encrypted data & file sharing

Award-Winning Cybersecurity

Unlike other file storage and sharing solutions, we use state-of-the-art, award-winning digital security systems to protect your data.

We are a privacy-by-design and security-by-design software company. We can not read, use, share or access your private capsule, and neither can anyone else.

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Private Label Emergency Vaults

The ultimate value add to protect your valued clients

  • Protect Profile & Identity Information
  • Securely store critical passwords or pin codes
  • Upload important documents, certificates & ID cards
  • List emergency contacts in case of an emergency
  • Legal, finance & estate details & files
  • Health, medication, allergy & immunisation records
  • Travel details & documents

Securely share with loved ones for any period of time and revoke that share at any time.

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