Your ultra-secure

digital vault

TBA Law has partnered with My Life Capsule to provide you with 24/7 mobile access to your critical information, family sharing and a direct secure communication line with your legal team.

TBA Law is dedicated to protecting your privacy and helping you through your biggest life events.

What is My Life Capsule?

My Life Capsule’s ultra-secure digital vaults help you organise, protect and share critical information to make your life easier. My Life Capsule is also a privacy-first client portal that helps you securely exchange data, files & messages with your team at TBA Law.

Simple to use & ultra-secure

Categorised vaults, easy upload & sharing features make busy lives easier.

Unlike other file storage solutions, My Life Capsule has state-of-the-art, award-winning digital security systems to protect your data. 

My Life Capsule can not read, use, share or access your private capsule, and neither can anyone else.

Learn how My Life Capsule protects your data here

How to get started

1. TBA Law will email you a link to sign up

2. Follow the prompts to set up your password & secret code

3. Accept the connection request from TBA Law

4. Once securely connected, you can begin communicating with the TBA Law team.

You now have access to your life capsule and all its features via the webapp, App Store or Google Play.


Categorised vaults with 24/7 mobile access to your life admin


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Reduce overwhelm & manage risk with encrypted data & file sharing