The ultimate school checklist every busy parent needs

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Take control with a well-organised solution

Whether your child is starting back at school for a new term or starting a new school – parents everywhere share the same pain points.

Sure, we have to manage any anxiety our child may have, and sometimes even our fears over how they’ll settle in, but it’s the administration that can send busy parents into a spin.

From day-care to preschool to prep, primary, high school and even into the University years, the administration requirements are typically the same globally.

Having a well-organised solution for all your child’s school admin is not as hard as it sounds. This summary will guide you through important aspects of your digital accounts & passwords that you should organise, protect and share.

Top 8 tips to get organised this term 

1. Get started

Create a secure digital file for your child or children

2. Enrolment

Upload enrolment information, including applications, interviews, onboarding documents and timetables

3. Identification

Record details of your student’s ID card or enrolment number and upload a copy

4. Student email and learning accounts

Record details of your student’s digital account logins and passwords

5. School reports, projects, awards & certificates

Upload copies of former school reports, projects, sporting achievements, school photos, teacher notes or referrals, awards and certificates ready to be shared with new teachers.

6. Student’s Medical Information 

Record medical information; allergies, illnesses, or medical certificates such as asthma plans

7. Student Fees

Upload invoices, agreements and receipts for student fees, uniform expenses, and excursions etc.

8. Share the load

Share this vital information securely with loved ones, co-parents, or carers.

More quality time for you and your family

My Life Capsule lets you spend more precious time holding your child’s hand as they enter the school gates rather than following up on paperwork.

With a My Life Capsule account, you can use the New School to organise, protect, access and share your important and precious files. Importantly you can also revoke access anytime, giving you complete control over your student’s admin – making your life easier now and into the future.

Prepare today for peace of mind tomorrow, and one day, when your child has finished school, you can gift these precious files to them.

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