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Protecting people and solving problems is the mission of TBA Law, an award-winning law firm with five locations across Victoria, Australia. 

Led by Principal Solicitor and CEO Jacqui Brauman, TBA Law is dedicated to helping its clients through some of life’s most significant events by protecting their legal rights and interests in estate planning, property, asset protection, separation and divorce.

The team at TBA Law believes in efficiency, accountability, continuous improvement, and doing what they say they will do. And that is precisely why they were the first law firm in Australia to provide clients with a dedicated ultra-secure and entirely private digital vault.

Jacqui Brauman says: “Protecting our clients, their families and their legal rights and interests are our priority at TBA Law. But today, we know just how important it is to protect our client’s privacy and security. That’s why we have partnered with My Life Capsule to provide our clients with ultra-secure digital vaults to organise, protect & share personal and critical information, ultimately fostering personal data privacy, security, family connection and personal well-being during significant life events.” 


How TBA Law can help you

TBA Law is a multi-disciplinary personal legal firm providing online and in-person services covering the following areas:  

Wills, Estate Planning and Deceased Estates

Whether you are re-evaluating your estate due to a life-changing event, such as marriage, separation, change in family assets, retirement, or changes to superannuation, insurance, taxation, business, or discretionary trusts,  TBA Law’s expert team can help. 

TBA Law guides its clients through a one-on-one process, ensuring that every Will is comprehensive and legally valid. TBA Law can hold your Will in their strongroom for safekeeping free of charge, and they will also add your digital Will to your Client Capsule.

Dealing with a deceased estate, and applying for a grant of probate, is one of the more difficult challenges in life. From mountains of paperwork to legal jargon and simmering family disputes, they’re the last things you want to deal with when grieving the loss of someone important in your life.

Learn how TBA Law can help with your Wills & Estate Planning

Separation & Divorce 

TBA Law’s priority is achieving the best possible outcome for your separation or divorce and helping you through this challenging life event. Whether you’re married, defacto, same-sex or any other relationship type, the separation triggers the same legal rights for you. Divorce, children and separation of assets are dealt with separately, and TBA Law can help you navigate each. 

TBA Law’s Client Capsules provide administrative and logistical client support during separation and divorce, from personal organisation to managing children’s data to controlled data sharing with ex-partners.

Learn how TBA Law can help with your Divorce & Family Law

Conveyancing and Property

Transferring property can be a daunting process. If handled poorly, it can be highly stressful and become a financial risk, when it should be one of the most exciting times of your life. TBA Law can manage the whole process, including liaising with your bank and accountants over financial matters.

TBA Law Clients also have access to handy checklists within their Client Capsules to organise and protect all the documentation needed from the property purchase to moving day. 

Learn how TBA Law can help you with Conveyancing and Property

Small Business 

TBA Law provides legal assistance for commercial and small business legal matters. Whether you are starting a small business, need advice regarding business structures such as partnerships, trusts and corporations, lease agreements, or corporate litigations, or if you are considering your succession planning – TBA Law understand the demands of business ownership. 

The TBA Law Client Capsule’s not only help small business owners to keep track of their critical passwords and documents but also helps them to share critical information with their immediate families to ensure the continuity of the business in case of an accident or illness.

Learn how TBA Law can help you with your Small Business Services


TBA Law is a My Life Capsule Enterprise Partner

Enterprise Partners have the complete privacy-first client engagement solution to enable ultra-secure data & file sharing between the Partner Portal and individual Client Capsules.

My Life Capsule helps TBA Law clients to take control of personal and family admin – for a better organised, safer and easier life. Clients have 24/7 mobile access to personal and critical information, family data and document sharing and a direct secure communication line with their legal team.

From the Partner Portal, approved TBA employees can share critical legal documents such as wills, divorce, custody and conveyancing documents directly to the Client’s Capsule, where the client can organise, protect and share their data and documents with loved ones and revoke access to shared items at their complete discretion. 

My Life Capsule is a privacy-by-design software. Only the client, with their personal secret key, can access their unique Client Capsule, putting personal data control directly into the hands of the client, protecting clients, families and TBA Law.   

Learn more about TBA Law & My Life Capsule

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