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Personal Vaults

24/7  mobile access to your most important information and unlimited secure connections to share with family, friends or service providers

  • Passwords & certificates 
  • Health & medical
  • Education & career
  • Finance, belongings & business 
  • Legal & insurance
  • ID cards, licences & certificates
  • Photos & Videos
  • Life Event Checklists
MLC_Perrsonal Vault

Now active and trusted in more than 40 countries

Junior Vaults

Safeguard your child’s precious information and share securely with the people you trust.

  • Medical records
  • Immunisations 
  • Allergies
  • School reports
  • Certificates & artwork
  • Memories & achievements
  • Photos & Videos

Big family? No problem, Junior Vaults are unlimited.

MLC_Junior Vault

Big life event?

Life event checklists help you prepare for & manage big life events

Free Emergency Vaults

Reduce the stress of family emergencies with access to life-saving information anytime, anywhere.

MLC_Emergency Vault

Life Event Checklists 

Marriage or Separation

IVF, Adoption or Pregnancy

Caring for a loved one

Illness, Accident or Death

Buying or Moving Home

New School or Job

Start organising what’s important & precious

Unlike other file storage solutions, we use state-of-the-art, award-winning digital security systems to protect your data. 

We can not read, use, share or access your private capsule, and neither can anyone else.

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