The digital platform to organise, protect & share your critical information for life.

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your critical information & documents & access quickly at any time, on any device, from anywhere!



your information & privacy with award-winning bank-level security & personalised multi-layer passwords



your personal information with loved ones & have full control over who sees what, when and for how long.

Organise your critical information & documents

  • Capture health, medication, allergy & immunisation records
  • Upload important documents, certificates & ID cards
  • Securely store passwords or pin codes
  • Record travel, legal, financial & estate documents
  • List your emergency contacts in case of an emergency
  • Set up multiple accounts for your family members.

Protect your personal information

  • Award-winning bank-level digital security
  • Private key encryption & secret code for complete ownership & control
  • Multi-factor authentication & biometrics
  • We never read, mine or sell your data & we have zero visibility of your data
  • ISO27001 & GDPR compliant
  • Personal data encryption at rest & transit, AES-256-GCM & RSA-4096

Share your information securely

  • Share securely with your loved ones in minutes
  • Share for any time period, from 1 hour to indefinitely
  • Revoke shared access anytime
  • You retain full control of your data & connections.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app or sign up online for free
  2. Setup your personal security & secret code
  3. Your Emergency Vault will be activated
  4. Start adding your critical information
  5. Share securely with loved ones

Download for Free – No Credit Card required


Bank-Level Security & Privacy-By-Design

We don’t read, mine or sell your data – in fact, we couldn’t if we tried.

My Life Capsule is built using privacy-by-design principles. Unlike other technology companies, you are our customer, not our product.

World-leading personal data & privacy technology, ISO27001 & GDPR compliant.

Personal Data encryption at rest & transit, AES-256-GCM & RSA-4096.

Learn more about how seriously we handle security here.