Empowering Families for a Resilient World


The Challenge

Significant life events, such as illness, accidents, retirement, separation & divorce, personal displacement and natural disasters,  disrupt not only our external circumstances but also our core sense of self and belonging.

Worldwide, women bear a disproportionate burden of economic insecurity, interrupted education, and increased unpaid caregiving responsibilities, leaving them particularly vulnerable during these trying times.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and protect individuals and families, helping them achieve economic stability, nurture family well-being, and ensure personal health and safety.

Our Solution

We offer ultra-secure, entirely private, and highly mobile software that empowers professional service providers to help individuals and families control critical data and documentation, equipping them with the tools to navigate life’s biggest challenges with confidence.

The Result

We don’t just empower, protect, and prepare individuals; we also foster stronger, healthier families and communities worldwide. Our commitment to empowering individuals to be better protected and better prepared extends to building a more resilient and prosperous society for all.

43 Reasons We All Need My Life Capsule

In 1967, psychologists Holmes and Rahe identified 43 major life events that can significantly impact our lives. These events encompass moments like separation/divorce, death, personal displacement, marriage, illness, moving home, pregnancy, starting a new job or school, and many more.

What ties these events together? They all involve emotions, logistics, paperwork, and are often correlated with personal stress.

Remarkably, in the last 54 years, the likelihood of experiencing most of these significant life events hasn’t changed. Unfortunately, neither has the way we prepare for them.

We understand the enduring significance of these life events and provide a solution that empowers you to navigate them with confidence.

Our Story

My Life Capsule’s origins are deeply personal. Founder Pam Moorhouse, a former emergency response specialist, understands the critical importance of preparedness. However, it was a series of life-changing events that sparked her mission.

In 2019, Pam’s family faced the sudden loss of her father-in-law. Amidst their grief, they struggled to find essential legal and financial information. Prior to this, Pam had weathered numerous life’s challenges, from health battles to immigration and divorce, and all had been compounded by the complexity of gathering legal, financial, health, and service documents for herself and her family.

These experiences fueled Pam’s commitment to empower individuals and families to navigate life’s uncertainties confidently. Thus, My Life Capsule was born, driven by profound empathy and a desire to make a meaningful impact.

In 2021, Ryan Henderson, ‘Tech Guru’ and Chief Technology Officer, joined Pam as Co-Founder. Ryan draws inspiration from his own life experiences, including the loss of his father, international living, and his role as a father, which have further ignited his commitment to enhancing lives through My Life Capsule.

With over a decade of friendship and 20+ years of combined professional experience, Pam and Ryan have united to create a world where everyone can secure, organise, and share confidential information, ensuring better-prepared and protected individuals worldwide.