My Life Capsule was founded by Pam Moorhouse in 2020 to provide a digital solution to empower personal organisation and family connection with the latest data privacy and security technology. 

With a mission is to take the sting out of life’s everyday bumps and significant events for individuals and families – our story began in 2019 when Pam’s Father-in-law died suddenly. Her family didn’t know where to find his critical information, and their grief was compounded because they were unprepared.

Pam had also experienced several significant life events that were emotional, stressful and full of administration, including; personal illness, IVF, premature labour and divorce where collating legal, financial, health and services documentation for herself and her children while running her business was a nightmare.

In 2021, Ryan Henderson, ‘Tech Guru’ and Chief Technology Officer, joined Pam as Co-Founder of My Life Capsule. Ryan is a doting father to Archer (a.k.a My Life Capsule’s Chief Baby Officer). He has also experienced significant life events where he has been overwhelmed by life admin, including when his father died and when he lived and travelled abroad. Now, as a father and business owner, he has even stronger motivation to foster My Life Capsule as a global tool to help make all our lives a little easier. 

The problem of life administration begins from our very first breath, when, as children, our parents begin collecting birth certificates, medical and immunisation records, school reports that usually end up in a filing cabinet or get lugged around by our parents, and then by us, for a lifetime!

Later in life, it’s our children who become increasingly responsible for our health and wellbeing and all the admin that goes this it. The ‘Sandwich Generation’ is typically tasked with managing it all; home, work, health, education, and more for their entire families.

With more than a decade of friendship behind them, Pam and Ryan have come together to build My Life Capsule as a global Tech-For-Good solution to help people organise their lives, protect their personal information and connect with their families.

Our guiding star: 43 reasons we all need My Life Capsule

In 1967, psychologists, Holmes and Rahe, developed a stress scale that identified 43 significant life events that are likely to affect our lives: marriage, illness, buying a house, divorce, death, pregnancy, a new job or school etc.

These events have four things in common – emotion, logistics, paperwork and a strong correlation to personal stress.

In the last 54 years, the likelihood of every one of us experiencing at least the majority of these significant life events has not changed. Unfortunately, neither has the way we deal with or prepare for these events.

My Life Capsule is designed to help families be better prepared and to make every day easier and more enjoyable.