Everything you need in an emergency

$0.00 for life

No credit card required

Emergency Features

Record 5 passwords or pin codes

Add medical information & files

Capture travel information & itineraries

Record financial, legal & estate information

Upload 15 important files or photos

Add 2 emergency contacts

Share securely with 2 trusted people

Access on all devices


A digital safe for you and your family

USD 4.99/month

Bill Monthly

Bill Yearly

30-day free trial

Premium Features

Emergency Vault +

Personal Vault +

Password Keeper+

Junior Vault+


Health & Wellness

Finance & Belongings

Legal Documents

Identity Cards

Education & Career

Photos & Videos

Life event checklists

Unlimited secure connections

Individual item sharing

Unlimited Junior Accounts

Junior Health & Wellness

Junior Education

Junior Activities

Junior Passwords

10GB Data Storage


Invaluable support for your clients

Tiered pricing

Free co-branding

For your clients

All premium features

Complete data privacy

Secure data sharing with family & your business

For your business

Consumer Data Rights & GDPR compliance

Client dashboard

Secure vault data sharing

Client quick messaging

Unlimited secure document sharing

Custom life event checklists


Quick & easy set up

Simple per-user pricing