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State-of-the-art digital vaults with complete privacy & data control for more organised, better-protected individuals & families.

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Complete privacy & state-of-the-art digital security. Learn More


Categorised vaults with 24/7 mobile access to your life admin


Reduce overwhelm & manage risk with encrypted data & file sharing

Most people can’t find important personal documents, information or passwords when they need them most. 

My Life Capsule ultra-secure digital vaults help you protect, organise & share critical information for an easier life.



Categorised vaults, easy upload & sharing features make busy lives easier.

Unlike other file storage solutions, we use state-of-the-art, award-winning digital security systems to protect your data.

We can not read, use, share or access your private capsule, and neither can anyone else.

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Personal Vaults

Manage your entire life in one safe place

  • Password Keeper – Passwords, pin codes & logins
  • Finance – Home, vehicle, business, belongings & insurance +
  • Legal – Legal certificates, wills, power of attorney, legal action, trusts, business +
  • Identity – Birth certificates, Licences, ID cards, passports +
  • Health – Medical history, appointments, prescriptions, test results, health insurance +
  • Education & Career – Resumes, employment details, qualifications, certificates, awards, results+
  • Memories – Precious photos & videos  
  • Unlimited private connections to share items with family.

Junior Vaults

Unlimited Junior Vaults for your children

  • Health & Wellness – Medication, allergy & immunisation records
  • Education – Reports, school photos, certificates & achievements
  • Activities – Sport, music & artwork
  • Identity – Birth Certificates & passports
  • Passwords – Digital accounts & device passwords
  • Share individual items securely with loved ones, co-parents or carers

Life Event Checklists

Guides to help you prepare for & manage big life events

  • Illness, accident or injury
  • Buying or moving home
  • Marriage or new partnership
  • Pregnancy, IVF or new child
  • Divorce or separation
  • End-of-life planning or the death of a loved one
  • New school or job
  • Travel planning & management

Free Features

Emergency & Travel Vault

Reduce the stress of emergency situations

  • List 2 emergency contacts in case of an emergency
  • Health, medication, allergy & immunisation records
  • Securely store 5 critical passwords or pin codes
  • Legal, finance & estate details
  • Travel details & documents
  • Upload important documents, certificates &  ID cards

    Share with your loved ones or travel companions to be ready for every adventure!