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The ultimate client engagement solution for Financial Advisors

What is a Client Capsule?

Ultra-secure personal digital vaults to organise, protect, and share confidential information with family or trusted advisors

An easy-to-use tool for your clients to manage day-to-day admin and significant life events.

24/7 secure access & controlled sharing of personal data & documents anytime, anywhere via convenient mobile or web apps.

What’s inside?

Categorised vaults to manage & securely share critical information:

  • Passwords & IdentityPasswords & pin codes, ID cards, certificates +
  • FinancePersonal, home, belongings, vehicle, business records & insurances +
  • Legal Certificates; wills, power of attorney, legal action, trusts +
  • Education & CareerResumes, employment, qualifications, results +
  • Emergency & HealthPersonal medical information, appointments, prescriptions, test results, insurances +
  • Junior vaults Children’s health, education, activities, passwords & identity+
  • Life Event Checklists – New home, school, job, marriage, child, illness/injury, separation or death of a loved one +

How can it help my clients? 

Unlike other client portals, My Life Capsule is designed to provide comprehensive support for clients and their families throughout day-to-day and significant life events.

Each client capsule includes emergency vaults for handling unexpected situations, along with interactive checklists to help clients prepare for and manage important life events.

Our ultra-secure client vaults empower and protect your clients by enabling them to organise, protect and share confidential information.

With My Life Capsule, your clients & their families are better prepared & better protected.

What business problems does it solve? 

Financial advisors and their clients currently face a pressing challenge: the absence of secure and efficient mechanisms for exchanging confidential information. Traditional methods leave advisors vulnerable to cyber-attacks, while clients struggle to organise and protect important documents that are scattered across email threads and physical files.

Cyber security risks 

Corporate data breaches cause reputational damage & cost $3.35m & take 280 days to contain*

Inefficient communications 

Poor client onboarding & data exchange processes cost more & reduce client retention.

Unprepared clients

Individuals seeking financial support face overwhelming administrative stress.

What’s the solution? 

Ultra-secure data & file sharing between your Partner Portal & your Client’s Capsule!

Partner Portal

For Advisors


  • Secure client file and message exchange
  • A single point of reference for exchanged information
  • Direct client messaging for fast correspondence
  • Multi-agent assignment for shared client management

Advisors benefit from improved long-term client engagement & trust, expanded cross-generational outreach, & enhanced corporate risk management.

Client Capsule

For individual & family clients


  • Direct link to Advisors for secure file & message exchange
  • Categorised vaults with 24/7 access to critical life admin
  • Interactive checklists to manage significant life events
  • Unique time-based sharing fosters personal data control

Individuals & families are more organised, better protected & better prepared to manage day-to-day & time-critical life events. 

My Life Capsule empowers professional services firms and their clients to protect, organise and share confidential information for greater efficiency, preparedness and protection.

What about privacy & security?

Unlike others, we foster personal privacy with state-of-the-art award-winning digital security, providing a solution advisors & clients can trust.

Privacy-by-design No reading, mining or selling data. 

End-to-end encryption AES-256-GCM & RSA-4096

Secure one-to-one sharing encrypted in transit & at rest

Time-based & revoke share functions for complete control

Biometrics & 3-key encryption store

CDR, GDPR & ISO 27001 compliant infrastructure

Simple Enterprise Terms

  • No lock-in contracts or hidden extras
  • Simple per-client annual subscription fee
  • At conclusion of your professional service, clients can download personal data or maintain subscriptions privately
  • Includes all storage & security fees
  • Integration and custom configurations are available.

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