Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is My Life Capsule?

My Life Capsule is a software platform that provides digital capsules to protect, organise & share critical information. It helps to manage day-to-day and time-critical administration on the go; while also capturing and celebrating milestone moments. 


How does it work?

My Life Capsule is a Software as a Service.

Customers sign-in to either a web application or a mobile application; such as Apple iOS or Google Play Apps. Each customer is required to Onboard by providing their email address and setting a password and a Secret Code.

Your Secret Code is a password so secretive that you are the only human (or machine) that knows what it is. This code is used when you sign-in to a new device. But remember, if you lose your secret code you will lose access to your account and we can not help you to get it back.

Your secret code only needs to be 8 characters, uppercase, lowercase & number however, we recommend you choose a sentence you will remember rather than just a word. For example, a secret code could be “When I was 8 I lived by the river”.

For more information about our security infrastructure click here.


Does My Life Capsule replace my legal documentation?

My Life Capsule does not replace or supersede any legally binding documentation. Nor does it form part of a person’s medical, financial or will & last testament. Consultation with a legal professional is recommended for users who do not have an active Will.

Product Information

How do I upload a file or photo or video media to my capsule?


How do I share a file, photo or video media?


How do I add connections?


What size files, images, videos can I upload to my capsule?

Emergency Capsules holders may upload up to 1GB of data.

Life Capsule holders may upload up to 10GB of data.

Document files may be uploaded up to a 500mb limit per file in any of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf

Photos, Videos and Voice Memos may be uploaded up to a 500mb limit per file. The media capsule accepts the following formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .ogv, .3gp, .3g2, .mp3, .ogg, .wav

Account Settings & Subscriptions

Login and password
To reset your password, go to Account in the menu on the left-hand side of your capsule.

Change Password
If you forget your password, select Forgot Your Password on the login page

Capsule Delegate
Add a Delegate to be responsible for your whole capsule in the event that you are unable to access it personally.

To add a delegate: Add Name, Relationship and Email details for each contact. Select Add Record. Their details will move to the Share Hub. You may edit or delete each contact at any time. Your delegate will receive an email notifying of your intent and asking them to accept the responsibility as your delegate. It is worthwhile discussing this role with them also.

How do I get support for my Capsule?

Support requests may be submitted via any of the following methods:

  • In Capsule
    Select Support located at top right-hand corner of your dashboard.
  • On website
    Select Support located at top right-hand corner of each page.

[email protected]

1300 431 660

My Life Capsule Support operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Support requests will be actioned within a maximum of 24 hours.

Privacy Promise & Your Security

Is my capsule really safe and secure?

The security of your capsule is our highest priority. We provide bank-level digital security and every aspect of our platform has been developed with Privacy-by-Design principles. You can learn more about these principles here

Unlike other technology companies, you are our customer, not our product. We don’t read, mine or sell your data – in fact, we couldn’t if we tried.

Learn more about how seriously we handle security here.

Pilot Program Security

All data stored within your capsule and on My Life Capsule is encrypted using 256-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS), this means that your data is secured for all data shared within your capsule and to and from the Application Programming Interface (API).

Payments are processed by Stripe. Your credit card details are sent directly to the payment provider over encrypted connections. Your credit card details are not stored or logged on the My Life Capsule database.

My Life Capsule requires strong passwords through:

  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • Passwords must include a number or special character
  • Passwords cannot contain the user’s name or email address

No plain text passwords are stored at any time.

My Life Capsule runs and stores data on Amazon Web Services. You can view their security information here


What are My Life Capsules Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies?

View My Life Capsules full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy – (Updates coming soon):

Our Inspiration, Mission & Company

At My Life Capsule, our mission is to Empower Family Connection for Humankind.

Yep, that’s a big mission, but we mean it. Life’s significant events transcend nationality, culture, age, gender & religion. So assisting humanity address these events is something we are genuinely passionate about. Let’s face it; life is tough sometimes, so our product and services are designed entirely to help our customers get through life’s ups and downs. You can read more about our Inspiration here and our Mission here

Our Company

My Life Capsule is Headquartered in Victoria, Australia and is backed by some of the worlds leading International SaaS, Deep Tech Security & Finance experts. 

The business was founded in 2019 by Pam Moorhouse, an experienced entrepreneur, Company Director and Crisis Risk Management specialist.

The My Life Capsule team are experts in their fields, each with a vested interest in the success of My Life Capsule as a privacy-by-design world-leading technology that puts the customer and their data at the core of every decision we make.