Elevate Your Client Engagement

We understand the significance of the secure sharing of confidential client information.

My Life Capsule is dedicated to providing legal and financial service providers with the most efficient and secure client engagement solution that not only strengthens business operations and client relationships but also ensures better protection and preparation for significant life events. 

Problems we solve

Professional services firms and their clients lack secure and efficient mechanisms to exchange confidential information, which leads to:

Cyber security risks 

Corporate data breaches in Australia cause significant reputational damage and, on average, take 280 days to contain and cost $3.35m.*

Inefficient communications 

Poor client onboarding and data exchange processes cost more and reduce client retention.

Unprepared clients

Individuals seeking legal & financial support for major life events face overwhelming administrative stress. e.g. divorce, estate planning, injury/illness, property purchases etc.

We empower professional services firms and their clients to protect, organise and share confidential information for greater efficiency, preparedness and protection.

Partner Portal

Ultra-secure client engagement for efficient management of confidential information. 


Secure client data and document sharing with a single point of reference for requested and exchanged information

Direct client messaging for fast correspondence

Multi-agent assignment for shared client management

Third-party data sharing with real-time consent

Custom Request for Information checklists for prompt onboarding & ongoing data exchange


Greater engagement & trust

Mitigate corporate risk

Faster onboarding 

More secure operations

Less client admin

Better performance

Client Capsule

Ultra-secure digital vaults to organise, protect & share private information for individuals & families.


Co-branded dashboard for secure communications & file sharing with approved advisors

Categorised vaults with 24/7 mobile access to critical life admin

Legal, Finance, Belongings, Health, Passwords & Identity, Education & Career, Travel & Family vaults

Significant Life events checklists

Unique time-based data sharing that fosters personal data control


Individuals and families are:

More organised

Better protected

Better prepared to manage significant life events

Learn more about Client Capsule features Here

Enterprise partnerships

Option 1

Enterprise Partner 

Partner Portal + Client Capsules

The full privacy-first client engagement solution. Ultra-secure data & file sharing between your Partner Portal and your client’s private Client Capsule.

Option 2 

Distribution Partner

Client Capsules Only

Client Capsules are provided by the Partner as a unique value add to existing services. The Partner is charged a reduced annual rate for each client capsule.

Option 3

Affiliate Partner

Client Capsules Only

Client Capsules are promoted by the Partner. The client is charged directly at a discounted rate. Partner affiliate rebates may apply if compliant with the sector.

Simple Enterprise Terms

  • Only billed at user sign up
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Includes all storage fees, no hidden extras
  • At the conclusion of your service, you may opt to maintain the client’s subscription or you can end their subscription in which case the client can download their personal data and exit or maintain their subscription privately
  • Integration and custom configurations are available.

Award-winning privacy & security

Unlike other file and data storage and sharing solutions, we use state-of-the-art, International award-winning privacy and security systems to protect your business and your clients.

My Life Capsule is built using privacy-by-design principles.

We don’t read, mine or sell your data – you are our customer, not our product.

Learn more about how seriously we handle your data security Here

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