Privacy-first client engagement

Secure data & file sharing with real-time consent management – that also makes life easier for your clients.

Support your clients through every significant & stressful life event with secure data & file sharing they can access anytime, anywhere.

Partner Capsule

Offers 24/7 mobile and web-based access to securely send & receive data & files with your clients, transfer critical data to third parties with real-time client consent and engage with your clients via direct secure messaging. 

“Customers who feel an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value”

Client Capsule

Offers 24/7 mobile access to critical information, cross-generational family sharing and a direct secure communication line to your business.

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How we help your business

My Life Capsule gives your business a competitive edge by humanising client relationships through unprecedented logistical and emotional support.

It also reduces fraud & identity theft risk and fosters Consumer Data Rights with the latest personal data & privacy technology, state-of-the-art cybersecurity, GDPR & CDR compliance. Learn More

5 Key Features

Securely share data & files directly to your client’s personal My Life Capsule app (client capsule) 

Securely receive data & files from your client’s capsule

Send & receive direct messages with secure in-app notifications & email

Transfer client data & files to third parties with real-time client consent

Manage current & archived client consent, correspondence & shared files.

How it works

1. Invite your clients to their private My Life Capsule account (client capsule)

2. The client accepts the invitation, signs up with their unique password and secret code (passphrase)

3. The client is now connected to your Partner Capsule. Two-way secure vault connection is established, and secure client engagement can commence.

All correspondence and shared files are protected by the latest personal data and privacy technology with industry-leading cybersecurity. GDPR and CDR compliant. Learn More

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Award-Winning Privacy & Security

Unlike other file and data storage and sharing solutions, we use state-of-the-art, International award-winning privacy and security systems to protect your business and your clients.

My Life Capsule is built using privacy-by-design principles.

We don’t read, mine or sell your data – you are our customer, not our product.

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