6 steps to take control of your life admin

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Let’s make your life easier by getting started with

with your ultra-secure personal life capsule

1. Identity

Get started by uploading a copy of your driver’s licence or identity card

2. Passwords

Add your mobile pin, email or other passwords so they’ll never be forgotten

3. Health

Add your critical  medical conditions, health insurance or allergies

4. Finance

Upload your house and car insurance policies in case of an accident

5. Legal

Upload your personal will and estate documentation

6. Junior

If you have children add their important medical information, education, passwords or certificates.

Would you like to securely share items with your loved ones? 

Go to your Share Hub then select Add Connection.

Share any item, for any period and revoke shared access at any time.

Ready to be more organised? 

Visit the Summary section in each vault

Need help with a stressful life event? 

Visit our in-app Life Event Checklists

For even quicker access to your Capsule, download the App and turn on your mobile biometrics (Face or Fingerprint)

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My Life Capsule is privacy-by-design – your data always belongs to you.

Secured with award-winning digital security, we can never read, mine or sell your data.

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