The hidden cost of life admin and stressful life events

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According to a research study in the United Kingdom, the average adult performs 109 life admin tasks every year. If you’re a Mum, you can add another 20 tasks to this list each week, and if you are the carer for a parent or relative, you can double this figure again.

Life admin & personal stress increase with responsibility for others

As life admin and stress go up, organisation, productivity and preparation for life events often out of our control go down. 

The profound impact of this problem on individuals & society is overwhelming logistical & emotional stress during big life events such as personal illness, divorce, relocation, career changes, pregnancy, domestic violence or the death of a loved one.

Assessing our stress levels and the likelihood of adverse effects on our overall health and wellbeing

In 1967 two psychologists, Holmes and Rahe developed a stress scale that identified 43 significant life events likely to affect every human life. These events may be positive or negative experiences such as marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, pregnancy, a new job or finishing school.

Life is now more complicated, hectic and much faster than in 1967, yet the likelihood of us all experiencing many of these events has not changed. The 43 significant life events have four things in common – emotion, logistics, paperwork and lots of personal stress.

My Life Capsule is a global solution to take the sting out of life’s day-to-day umps and big life events, assisting us all in preparing for and addressing these significant life events.

How are your life events affecting your stress and likelihood of illness? Take the Homes & Rahe Predictive Stress Scale Test at the end of this article to find out.

The untold story of day-to-day life admin

If Holmes and Rahe were around today, we wonder how they would rank a global pandemic, working from home, homeschooling and social isolation on this list!

We don’t see in Holmes and Rahe stress scale just how much we are managing on a day-to-day basis, even without big life events or global pandemics. Life Admin is a necessary part of every life, and unless you are Marie Kondo or you can afford a personal assistant, most of us are barely making it through our admin to-do lists.

Life Admin is usually a mental task – consider utilities, legal engagements, government requirements, applications, financial planning, taxes, insurance, health appointments, travel planning, home and vehicle management, education and career planning. Add to this our ever-growing list of account passwords and pin codes, and it’s a wonder our brains can function at all.

Try My Life Capsule’s 30-day free trial – upload one document or piece of information at a time and watch your stress fade away as you realise you now have everything you need, all in one place from now on.

We’d love to hear about your biggest stress points and how we can help you alleviate them.

Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale Test

Add up the points associated with each stressful life event you are experiencing and consider your need to make positive changes to manage your health and well-being during this difficult time:



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