Navigating the Journey: A Guide to Preparing for Separation & Divorce

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Separation can be an overwhelming experience, filled with logistical and administrative tasks. At My Life Capsule, we understand the challenges you face during this time. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative app and a free resource guide to help you navigate this stressful period.

Navigating the Journey: A Guide to Preparing for Separation & Divorce is a comprehensive resource to empower individuals with tools and strategies for a smooth transition.

This guide offers valuable insights and guidance for individuals to prepare for separation. It covers emotional and legal considerations, professional support, well-being, secure information management, and My Life Capsule’s resources.

Empower yourself to navigate the process with confidence, organisation, and resilience, prioritising professional advice and personal safety by downloading the free guide below.


This download is entirely anonymous, giving you the privacy and support you need during this challenging time.

Chapters Include:

  1. Personal safety & seeking help
  2. Assessing your health & wellness 
  3. Understanding the emotional & legal landscape
  4. The role of lawyers & finance advisors
  5. Managing digital records and passwords
  6. Safeguarding finances & belongings
  7. Navigating legal documents & agreements
  8. Supporting children
  9. Promoting career stability
  10. Organise & protect confidential Information



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